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Security is important but what is even more important is choosing the correct means by which you are going to provide that security to your family members. What is the need to look further when you have got your old faithful - locks and keys! You can never be too careful of intruders, whether human or otherwise. So you need to secure your residential space in a safe manner. According to reports, even Loveland is not ultra-safe anymore and you might meet with an unfortunate situation in the near future. Avoid that by adding Loveland Locksmith Store, the best locksmith in Loveland, to your contact list. It could be something as minor as losing a key or breaking a lock. Or it could be something serious like a break-in. Whatever the issue, if you are in need of locksmith in Loveland, CO, just give us a call at 970-340-3060 and let us take it from there. Regardless of where we are needed, we will be there in record time. Our employees are so professional that they can fix any issue and answer any query. Try us out by this guarantee or see the reviews for yourself, we promise that we will leave you satisfied.

We are available 24 hours a day, all days of the week. We have a range of services that include residential, emergency, automotive and commercial. Above all, we provide the best prices in the market so that our services are accessible without creating financial pressure.

About us

In the experience that we have gathered in the last ten years, we have learnt that lock and key emergencies can happen anytime and to even the best of us. You could get locked out of the house or your key could break in the ignition of the car. The worst part is that these inconveniences could even happen at an odd hour of the night. But there is no need to worry because Loveland Locksmith Store has set up such enviable service standards that if you just ask around you will know how competent and prompt we are. We are quick to respond and guarantee that we will be able to help you out of any kind of pickle.

WHY Loveland Locksmith Store

Looking for the best locksmith in Loveland? Look no further than Loveland Locksmith Store!

24×7 availability

We don’t observe any holidays, weekends or even personal days if we can help it. So we can promise you that no hour or no day is inconvenient for us. Customer care is the priority for us and therefore, whenever you need assistance, be it midnight or an odder hour, you can rely on us to be there.

Affordable prices

We sat down with the team and chalked out a price range which will be comfortable for everyone. So, you can avail our services without worrying that it will put pressure on your finances. We don’t even charge an extra fee for services that are availed at an unusual hour.

Sophisticated tools

We conduct workshops every month to keep our able technicians updated about the latest development in the locks and key industry. Naturally, they have all the latest equipment to deliver a faster and a more reliable output. Whether it is installing a lock or creating a key, you will be amazed with the ability of our technicians and our tools.

Lightning-fast response

It is the 21st century and time is of the utmost essence. So, we know that if you are facing a lock related emergency, you need a quick solution so that you can be on your way. That is why Loveland Locksmith Store has excellent transportation vans which will take our professionals to you in the shortest possible time.


Automotive Locksmith Services

Most crimes happen on the road so you need to be super careful. You do not want to be locked out of your car or get your key stuck in the ignition, on the streets of Loveland. But if something like this happens, the next thing to do is to call a reliable locksmith in Loveland CO and hope and pray that they assist you at the earliest. You don’t have to look for another locksmith service because we have a chunk of our employees on the road at all times. They travel in reliable and fast vans and they have been instructed to respond to your distress call right away. They will be by your side with the latest gadgets and will send you on your way in no time. Our technicians are trained professionals who know how to handle all kinds of situations. Naturally, we offer key cutting, ignition switch repairing, and transponder key re-programming, among other services. We do not charge extra for providing services at an odd hour or even for emergencies.

Residential Locksmith Services

Residential lock systems are probably the most important kind of security. Whether it is protecting your family or an in-house business, securing the place where you live is paramount. You can’t make compromises there when it comes to choosing the quality of lock or the locksmith. Your responsibility doesn’t end there. You have to conduct periodical maintenance checks on your locks to make sure that they are in a prime and proper condition. This is because they could be damaged from inside due to regular wear and tear and you wouldn’t even know.

Based on the reviews we have received, we are the very best locksmiths in Loveland. Not only do we provide a range of residential locksmith services, we also do them at a very cheap rate. We can help with lockout assistance, changing a lock, re-keying, or installation. Even if you need an upgrade on your existing security system, we will do it for you. So, hire us today and enjoy our affordable rates and the excellent service by our trained team of professionals. Reach out to us and put an end to your worries.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial security systems involve risk. Whether you are an employee or the proprietor, it is a lot of responsibility to secure your workspace. One of the main concerns is to install the security system correctly an in accordance with the local code rules. You can’t afford to hire an amateur because one slip up could make you lose years of hard work or could get you tangled up in a lawsuit. We at Loveland Locksmith Store are experts in handling commercial locksmith services and you need to hire us to see it for yourself! Be it office lockout assistance or high security lock upgrades, keyless access system installation, push bar setup, you can trust us for a range of services.

Emergency Locksmith Services

We can’t control emergencies. It is them that control us. Hence, it could happen at any given point of time without prior notice. You could get locked out, or your key could get stuck in the ignition or you could experience a break-in. What you need to do is stay calm and call us at and we at Loveland Locksmith Store will ensure that we are super quick to respond to your issue and give you top-notch service, armed with the latest gadgets and the most skilled professionals in the industry.

Therefore, as mentioned above, we are the most reliable locksmiths in Loveland. We are dependable, cheap and efficient. Whatever your issue may be, contact Loveland Locksmith Store at 970-340-3060 and leave the rest to us. You will not be disappointed.


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